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Robust industry scale tracking for instant knowledge

Asset Tracking is about continuously monitoring and recording the location and movements of items in your workplace, within your processes, and supply chains. Without a robust tracking system, businesses often grapple with inaccuracies in inventory management, delays in supply chain processes, and a lack of real-time insights into asset movement.

FORMATION provides you with the ultimate overview of your workplace and helps you spot bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement, and to analyze what is really happening inside your business.

Easy access for everyone

Formation is not just another parts tracking system but represents a radical new cost-effective approach to tracking assets at scale. With the mobile app workers are highly engaged and empowered and they’ll love the consumer-grade user experience. Your company will achieve more with your existing teams - simply put, be more productive, do more! 

Everybody understands QR Code Tags, they don’t need explaining. easy, accessible, empowering, safe, secure …Great user experience with broad worker acceptance. 10% productivity boost per worker and average daily search times reduced from 40 mins to 4 mins.

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Start by placing QR code tags on the assets you wish to track.
Use your smartphone to scan the QR code tags and identify assets, get full context on the map with related tasks.
With every scan, without further user input, FORMATION updates the assets location in real-time.
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Bosch Startup Harbour
Cyber Innovation Hub
TH Wildau
Berlin Partner
Druck und Bestell
Telekom Techboost
Virtual Twins
Lyngsoe Systems
Ela Innovation
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Easy to use mobile app, live data in your hands
Data locked up in data silos prevent information from being accessible at the right time by the right people. This leads to errors, wasted time, and duplicated work. FORMATION gets the right information into the hands of the people who need it - your workers.
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Start Smart
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Start smart, scale easily
Our highly robust tracking system relies mainly on smartphones and QR code tags, it requires neither batteries nor maintenance. FORMATION is designed to roll out ultra fast and scales with your business. Tracking does not have to be expensive or difficult. For the price of a QR Code Tag, you can track anything, anywhere. Indoors and outdoors, it does not matter. The more you track, the more you know.
Empowers your teams
By scanning QR Code Tags, all manual identification and handling actions become part of the digital process. This reduces the risk of human error, because FORMATION verifies the information and context with every scan. It unlocks your data silos and puts it in the hands of those who need it: your team. Every scan updates the assets location.
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Built in support for hybrid tracking

Depending on the specific requirements of your operation, you can complement FORMATION’s QR code technology with specialized tools like BLE,UWB and RFID. This approach lets you track key items in real-time with extreme precision, while using cost-effective QR codes for everything else.

It’s a radically pragmatic, customizable solution that balances advanced tracking where it’s needed with simplicity and affordability everywhere else, without having to compromise on what you can track.  Whether you use hybrid tracking or just QR Code Tracking, the value of the tracking information is the same: getting key information about tracked items in your workers hands and getting a grip on your processes.

Integrates with everything

FORMATION sits on top of your existing processes, tools, and infrastructure. You can use our QR code tags or your own barcodes. Integrate with existing IOT tracking and sensor infrastructure and tap into the wealth of information in your ERP software, you can even have that live data appear directly on your FORMATION map. 

We have an extensive partner network so we can always find the right solutions for your workplace. Whether it is advanced tracking solutions, or bespoke integrations. We can help.

Druck und Bestell
Virtual Twins
Lyngsoe Systems
Ela Innovation
Track the asset path across its lifetime
Asset movements in your workplace trigger processes. An asset arrives, somebody picks it up, and drops it off. This triggers the next action. And so on. These triggers can be automated within FORMATION and even trigger follow-on tasks when an asset is in the right location. The process plays out on the FORMATION Map, as it happens.
'The Cyber Innovation Hub of the German federal forces uses FORMATION to organize the work environment to boost vehicle maintenance and logistical processes.'
Christian Hoesle
German Federal Forces
'The location integration layer where everything comes together on the map.'
Veronika Brandt
'Wow! I have never seen a product make such impact in such a short time.'
Lukas Gaurdermann
KAMAX holding GmbH & Co. KG
'The product showed us just how many areas FORMATION can help us with its solution.'
Mathias Meier
BOSCH GmbH, Renewable Manufacturing
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